Artists D-H

Deejay Davis and the Devine Sound

Inspired by the Brixton reggae scene, DeeJay Davis provides a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments his tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from vinyl decks.

DJ Funky Rabbit

The funkster is back. For his next trick he will have you on the dance floor structing your stuff!

The Dragonfly Club

Take flight, with soaring vocal harmonies, nostalgic melodies and driving rhythm. Journey through four decades with Devon-based musical collective – The Dragonfly Club. Savor original arrangements of acoustic pop, rock and folk inspired covers.

Dr Splink

Dr Splink play an original blend of Jazz, Ska, Reggae and Punk, they have been compared with The Blockheads, Madness and The Stranglers. “We are professional musicians who specialise in having lots of fun, getting crowds smiling, laughing and dancing. We appeal to audiences of all ages and musicals tastes with songs that stick out and that people want to dance and sing along to. We have many props and even hand out cheese”.

Ed Man

Let Ed Man paint you a picture with words and music. Compared to both Ray Davies and Nick Drake, Edman draws on a lyrical musical tradition.

Will Edwards

Will Edwards musical recipe goes something like: Put stage presence, musical talent, audience participation, with no small amount of charm, together in a bowl with a large dollop of humour and mix thoroughly with old songs and new. Great fun!

Richard Flanagan

Enigmatic, spell binding and totally original Richard Flanagan will play you beautifully crafted songs.

Professor Funk Dog

Bringing the vibes the revive, the Dog is back! Coming out of Brighton, Funk Dog, AKA Nils Lau is a DJ of some years experience. Know for lurking, tetradactyl dance celebrations and bringing the party where ever he goes.

Bob Gallie

Bob Gallie will tell you himself: ” I carry a lot of baggage around with me “… this is from someone who writes songs that he believes will eventually make sense of his life . Having performed with Guitarist Brian Tatler from the band Diamond Head earlier on in his life as a vocalist, Bob was on the road constantly performing in such venues as the Old Marquee club in London and supporting acts like Dr. Feelgood.

“It was pretty crazy and I was a mess most of the time.” Eventually something had to give and Bob left the music behind for many years….. until he learned to play and  sing again with encouragement from friends and fans.