Artists D-H

Deejay Davis and the Devine Sound

Inspired by the Brixton reggae scene, DeeJay Davis provides a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments his tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from vinyl decks.

Dr Splink

Dr Splink play an original blend of Jazz, Ska, Reggae and Punk, they have been compared with The Blockheads, Madness and The Stranglers. “We are professional musicians who specialise in having lots of fun, getting crowds smiling, laughing and dancing. We appeal to audiences of all ages and musicals tastes with songs that stick out and that people want to dance and sing along to. We have many props and even hand out cheese”.

Will Edwards

Will Edwards musical recipe goes something like: Put stage presence, musical talent, audience participation, with no small amount of charm, together in a bowl with a large dollop of humour and mix thoroughly with old songs and new. Great fun!

Cathy Fisher

Cathy is a female keyboard player and vocalist of rare quality. Her touch on the keys is as delicate as the emotion displayed in her vocals. Dedicated to her craft, Cathy has honed her skills over years. She sings both a selection of modern classics and her own compositions. Her performances are inspiring with passionate synth-driven songs.

Lucian Gawen

Appearing at Withyfest 2019 in his band The Care Factory he went down a storm! This year he ‘s going solo. Lucian is heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground and Joy Division. He has a unique vocal style that lives long in the memory.

Rich J Hopkins

Original solo semi acoustic live loop pedal singer songwriter with influences from alternative melodic indie rock and dance. Along with John Lennon, Neil Young, Evan Dando, Elliott Smith and Anton Newcombe. Third party comparisons ranging from Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers, The Cure to as diverse as Leonard Cohen.