Artists D-H

Dakar Audio Club

WOMAD, Tropical Pressure and Withyfest! – Just three of the festivals where you can see Dakar Audio Club this summer. They are an Afro-Fusion band playing an uplifting West African Mashup of traditional Malian Blues, Soukous, Reggae, Desert Blues and Highlife. Genre transcending. In a nutshell, inspired by the sounds you would hear on a crackly transistor radio walking the streets of Dakar, Lagos or Banjul.

Deejay Davis and the Devine Sound

Inspired by the Brixton reggae scene, DeeJay Davis provides a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments his tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from vinyl decks.

The Dilly Boys

The Dilly boys are a high octane folk collective from Exeter. The pioneers of “Shanty Chic” deliver a harmonious fusion of blues/cabaret/folk. They guarantee to reduce any audience to a state of hootenanny delirium. A triumph of enthusiasm over adequate preparation. Having only formed in July 2016, the Dilly Boys are causing quite a stir; 3 Daft Monkeys described them as “The raunchiest folk band we’ve ever seen!

Dr Splink

Dr Splink play an original blend of Jazz, Ska, Reggae and Punk, they have been compared with The Blockheads, Madness and The Stranglers. “We are professional musicians who specialise in having lots of fun, getting crowds smiling, laughing and dancing. We appeal to audiences of all ages and musicals tastes with songs that stick out and that people want to dance and sing along to. We have many props and even hand out cheese”.

Ed Man

Ed Man takes you on a musical journey. A singer-songwriter of versatility with an eclectic range of styles. Compared to both Ray Davies and Nick Drake, Ed Man draws on a wide range of influences. Lyrically driven, Ed Man’s evocative music tells stories and paints pictures.

Will Edwards

Will Edwards musical recipe goes something like: Put stage presence, musical talent, audience participation, with no small amount of charm, together in a bowl with a large dollop of humour and mix thoroughly with old songs and new. Great fun!

Cathy Fisher

Cathy is an example of what is best in the local music scene. A female keyboard with such a delicate, emotional vocal style is surely as rare as it is wonderful. Dedicated to her craft, Cathy has honed her skills through extensive gigging over the years. She sings both a selection of modern classics and her own compositions. Her performance is inspiring with passionate emotional, synth-driven songs.

The Foxwillow Trio

Foxwillow Trio are singer/song-writers Celia Sainsbury and Martin Dearmun, with Hazel Prior on the Celtic harp. Their original songs encompass elements of folk, country and rock, enhanced by a strong use of vocal harmonies to create a unique sound.  This is underpinned by Martin’s crisp rhythm guitar, Celia’s melodic flute and clarinet, and Hazel’s ethereal harp. Foxwillow’s songs reflect a strong connection to the natural world, and are sung and played with energy and passion.

Free Parking

Free Parking are no ordinary band. They have been described as post punk with anarchic and eclectic fusion of both genres and styles. However, They describe themselves as ‘dredged from a pool of shipwrecked aliens, hurriedly rejected by their sordid captors, whence they were tossed onto the scrapheap of public opinion’ which is probably more accurate. Who needs ordinary!

Hinton Jazz

Father and son duo, Giles and Emile Hinton have a special bond as jazz musicians.

“I’m not sure if jazz families are any more or less special than any other family,” Giles says with a laugh. “But with jazz families, you get more melody.”

One thing’s for certain: When they play their music, they create wonderful fireworks. If you are lucky enough to catch them at Withyfest’20 you will witness certain chemistry. You can hear right away that they enjoy playing with each other. And it’s beautiful, because that comes through in the music. They’re loving it. They’re dancing together.

They have developed their own sound; their own personality and they do their own thing. Giles plays from the heart with a certain raw emotion, whereas Emile’s sound is much more refined, much more distilled. It is a joy to hear these two play together. It is something very, very special.

Richard J Hopkins

Original solo semi acoustic live loop pedal singer songwriter with influences from alternative melodic indie rock and dance. Along with John Lennon, Neil Young, Evan Dando, Elliott Smith and Anton Newcombe. Third party comparisons ranging from Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers, The Cure to as diverse as Leonard Cohen.

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