Artists I-Z

Jason Johns

Melding classic tunes with new inspirations into a unique cocktail, topped with a soulful beyond years voice, you will not be disappointed…a little bit of pop sorta indie thing.

The Karma

Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and happiness. The Karma will provide the soothing balm of well-crafted sounds to ease the most troubled of minds.

Tony Kilshaw

If you like your music to be brimmed full of character you are in for a treat! Tony Kilshaw is a great raconteur. Words and music combine to tell the story. Songs from the Irish folk tradition and elsewhere are delivered with sensitivity, great musicianship and humour.

The Luddites

Playing their own unique arrangements the Luddites play tunes by artists such as Dandy Livington, Elvis Presley, Patti Smith and the Beatles.

Sean McCool

A self taught guitarist, Sean McCool plays solo and with a 3 piece band with the great name, The Hardly Davisons, he cites his influences as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, John Martyn and Frank Zappa

The Mighty Skankers

Two instruments skanking hard out like a full band. Playing Ska, Reggae, a bit O rock N roll and ever increasing number of originals..

Mister Kay

Like a cab out of Croydon, Mister Kay will set you free. The babyfaced DJ will provide that perfect reggae vibe that will have you dancing well into the night, drawing from a selection of Studio One scorchers, SKA originals and early reggae tunes. Like catching up with a dear old friend, Mister Kay, will stir the memory and take you back to days when sweet reggae music held sway.

Monkey Wrench

A mix of original and covers in the rhythm and blues tradition. Their riff-laden set will take you from the swamp to the sunshine with an evocative range of crafted songs. Monkey business guaranteed!


Having wowed audiences last year Moraless is back for more. Successfully occupying the grey area between speech, poetry and hip hop Moraless keeps it real with his gritty urban vibes.

Steve Nevard

Local living legend and all-round good bloke, Steve Nevard is a man who knows his music. With his involvement in events such as the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, the International SKA Festival and admirable initiatives such as the Specialised Project he sure knows how to put on a show. As a DJ he operates a late 70’s to 80’s Punk, SKA, New Romantic and electronic music policy. Think Clash, Madness, the Beat, the Selector, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, the Housemartins, Spandau Ballet, Human League, The Lambrettas and the Jam. Steve will celebrate the best of British SKA & Beyond with a global array of the finest sounds around.

Vikki Nuttall

Whether performing folk from the North American songbook or her own compositions depicting North Devon life, Vikki is a performer of the highest calibre.


Obadiah, polished, slick and talented – a hip hop star fully formed and ready for the big time.

Pineapple Tribe

Pineapple Tribe have been appearing at Notting Hill Carnival for well over 10 years now, and have always attracted a friendly and up for it crowd with their mix of classic and new hard house, breakbeat and techno. Pineapple Tribe began putting on outdoor parties in the early 90’s and have appeared at many big events including Glastonbury. Their music is wide-ranging, anything that gets the crowd moving will fit in a Pineapple tribe set.

The Real Ish Band

The Real Ish Band play an eclectic mix of acoustic originals and covers. The engaging vocals of Ishbel Wenley are well orchestrated and ably supported by her band.


Techno-Reggae-Blues, underpinned with a raw Progressive Rock element.  Quote – ‘ Looks like 2, sounds like 9. ‘ ‘ I’ve listened to the whole set, and still can’t say what it is, but they are Brilliant. ‘ Small on personnel, huge on sound.  They gig as a 2 piece, their original music is a melting pot of styles, appealing to music fans of all shapes, sizes and ages. Organic sounding loops, driving live synths, add a huge dollop of powerful, melodic electric guitar blended with the harp bending skills of the UK’s only Yonberg harmonica endorser.

Sembalance has been active for many years, playing festivals including Beautiful Days, our own gigs as well as warm up slots for various bands, (including Hawkwind, Space Ritual, System7, Damo Suzuki, Transglobal Underground). At suitable venues, all our songs have accompanying movies for added atmosphere.


When five talented come together to create something rocking special, it’s Seneca Time. If the idea a five piece indie rock band that give it some appeals these guys are for you!

The Speedgums

Anything from a three-piece to a five-piece playing an eclectic mix of county, blues and jazz covers mainly from the 1920’s period with some self-penned songs as well.

Karen Swan and Jack Goodall

Karen Swan and Jack Goodall are both performers in their own right and have both appeared worldwide. But when seen as a duo have been described as ‘Awesome!’ by Boris Pelekh of Gogol Bordello..

Three Pint Rule

A group of village pub go-ers who have three things in common: music, more music and drinking. They started out several years ago playing at the local village fete and have now expanded. There’s just one rule for gigging… and it’s a three pint one. Cheers.

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