The Mireille Mathlener Band

Netherlands born, Bristol based artist Mireille Mathlener has a growing reputation for striking songs with a real captivating, narrative quality and has been compared to the likes of Neil Young and Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders). Her live performances offer a highwire act between breezy modern Americana and dark melodic alternative rock.”

Actual Size

Actual Size’s Withyfest’23  performance was a stand out event.  These guys are a bit different. Visually striking and theatrical performers, AS’s show has genuine swagger.  They called upon us free ourselves and realise our power. The aliens were called and …… they came. They describe themselves as ‘7 peace heathen post zombie iconoclast , hot lips apocalypse, is it the cold steel makes you feel real, dredged from a pool of ship wrecked aliens and hurriedly rejected by their sordid captors ‘. You might have to dance to this one.

Music of Tom Ewings

Singer songwriter acoustic songs folk rock vegan veganism vegan man guitar guitarist guitars lyricist music musical talent talented Devon music solo artist original musician life. Here with his band. Folk rock never sounded so good.  Depression ocd ptsd mental health anxiety, topical topics


Acoustic-folk duo, based in North Devon. Thoughtful, well crafted, delicate songs beautifully sang. 

Llongstone Moon

Herald’s a chief, it’s Andy and Keith. Andy Bell and Keith Prangnel make up the Witheridge based duo. Lovely two part harmonies..

Tony Kilshaw

Tony is a natural entertainer. As a raconteur he’ll have you hanging on every word. As a performer he’ll have you singing along before you know it. Drinking anthems a speciality. 

Red Light Green Light

Ever wonder how David Bowie got to have different coloured eyes? Well, apparently, he got in a fight with George Underwood. George then went on to design a number of the great artists album covers. A great Red Light Green Light tune.  

Joe Rayfield

My name is Joe Rayfield and I am a singer-songwriter from Devon, UK. I write and perform music in the genres of pop, folk, indie and rock.

Tyrone Thomas

Tyrone’s first band was the New Beatles and then various punk bands before joining Alternative TV in 1976. He played bass on the first 3 ATV singles in 1977 (“Love Lies Limp”, “How Much Longer” and “Life After Life”).


He later left to play guitar and join the Convent Nuns and various other bands like the Baby Trio, Image Wot Image before taking a break due to poor health.


He also did session work with the 3 KP Sound.

In 1998 he rejoined ATV as the guitarist and played on the 2001 “Revolution” album.


In 2001 he played the CBGB’s punk anniversary in New York with Tony Barber of the Buzzcocks on bass). He has also played Loom, Ashleigh Marsh, (Quireboy hybrid band) The Peckham Cowboys and Charles Hayward plus guested with Aurora, and Ron Tree Inc (MOAB).

From 2006 Tyrone fronted his own band Olympic Clamp Down, playing their gutsy street survivor rock, also the Jeanette Murphy Band and from 2017 joined SpacedOgs.