Arnwyn, acoustic-folk duo, based in North Devon, write well crafted and thoughtful songs.  Intricate, original tunes which are delicate yet hard hitting. Simply beautiful ,

Simon Coverdale

As with the best singer song writers Simon Coverdale possesses the ability to  craft lyrics connect with the life of the listener . Although the stories he conjures are seemingly unique and personal they also strike a universal cord. 

Longstone Moon

Having appeared on Doug Parish’s Big Country Radio Show, Llongstone Moon, having been slowly growing their reputation for live performance. Andy Bell and Keith Prangnell’s growing levels of performance in their two part harmonies. Although they play a number of covers from the folk/country cannon they also are also including an increasing  number of originals.    

Rob Spence

Rob’s urbane, clever and witty words and matched by a smooth sophisticated  sound. Intelligent acoustic folk / blues at its best. If we are lucky we will also see Simon Coverdale accompany on a few of his numbers.  A treat!

Amy Flanagan

Amy Flanagan sings the torch songs from todays top pop divas. The songs of the likes of Adele, Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse. Wonderfully accompanied by her brother, Josh Flanagan her emotive soulful vocal style is shown off to great effect. .  

Mick Osborne

Mick Osborne is one of those rare individuals that backs his evident talent with a likeable, engaging yet quirky persona. From the moment he comes on you just can’t help smiling.  Stalwart of the South Moulton music scene, having played in such bands as the Luddites and Bactrax he will will be taking this opportunity display his unique talents.  He has been compared with Matt Johnson (The The) and Tom Waits. He’ll play an eclectic range of covers from a diverse range of artists in his own unique style. 

Dylan Reader

Dylan Reader sings songs from the folk tradition, both old and new. The likes of classic tunes such as Carrickfergus, Fields of Athenry and From Galway to Gracelands. Beautifully orchestrated and sung wonderfully. 

Razale Scott Olivier

This singer songwriter hailing from North Devon has a spellbinding effect. Stripped back acoustic instrumentation allow her raw passion, sharp humour and authenticity to shine. Her voice is tender, sharing qualities with Eva Cassidy and Carole King. She also knows how to harness the power of legendary divas such as Aretha Franklin, Shirley Bassey and Celine Dion as she soars into raunchy vocals. Soul, country, folk and blues are touchstone genres that influence her artistic style. Drawing on the lyrical sensibility of her ultimate musical icon David Bowie, she writes with poetic beauty. Delivered by a storyteller whose heart has felt love, loss, obsession, addiction and rejection, her songs can only come from someone who has lived a storm of life. Through this darkness comes a fieriness of resilience, hope and wonder that gets into your very core until you feel your soul ignite.


Billy Blagg and the Jammed

Billy Blagg, aka Andy Bell  (the Bard of Butt’s Close), grew up and was strongly influenced by Billy Bragg and Paul Weller. Here he pays tribute to these two heroes of their era with a spell binding acoustic set of their music.  

Zaskia Azara

From a cocoon of nerves and broken dreams became a beautiful butterfly flying towards her dreams and ready to share her goosebump raising voice with a range of covers that come from her heart. Typical of her song selection is Zombie by the Cranberries. A song, like this singer, that wears its heart on its  sleeve. It is delicate yet raw and powerful. Wonderful stuff! 

Tony Kilshaw

Local living legend, Tony Kilshaw, plays the tunes that are an ideal accompaniment to a hot afternoon and a pint of beer. He plays favourites old and new with odd classic from the Irish folk tradition.   

Roger Perry

Roger is a gentleman cowboy. He is really genuine and authentic. He writes prodigiously, recounting the themes and stories of the West. With songs such as ‘Whiskey Gambler’ and  ‘Travelin Hobo’. Roger also sings carefully selected covers.  Whether singing his own tunes or those created by others he is always upbeat.  Originally from South London (Clapham Born 1948), Roger first picked up a guitar at 15 and played various venues mostly around London pubs and Wedding Parties. In 2015 he move into South Molton and started playing in the local pubs and clubs. . Roger has performed at the Pilton Green Man Festival. He has 12 track CD called “Taking Life Slow” by “Waistcoat Man”, which I produced in 2019. 


Like a latter day renaissance prince, Rafa is a multi talented and multi faceted individual. He is as adept at enthralling crowds in a swinging hot spot in Town with his stage singing as he is able to bring the crowd to their feet with another stunning goal at Edge Down Park, for his beloved Witheridge FC. Rafa sings from the heart with all  the warmth and the passion of his native Columbia. Truly, a local Latin legend!